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By | September 15, 2016

The guitar is one of the most difficult musical instruments to master. If you want to learn how to play one or want to get better at it, you need to take guitar lessons. Online guitar lessons are a preferred choice to hiring a professional instructor or reading through guitar books. This is because they are a cheaper and more convenient option. You only need an internet-enabled computer to access the best online guitar lessons and you can master playing the guitar at your own pace.

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Guitar Lessons

With so many sites offering online guitar lessons today, you will have to conduct research to find the site offering a package that suits your needs. Pick the right online guitar lessons package and within no time, you will be a master guitarist. Pick the wrong one and you may even end up quitting before experiencing the beauty of playing a guitar. Most of the sites offering online guitar lessons are phony, out to separate you from your hard-earned money. They advertise effective systems and guarantee customer satisfaction only to offer terribly frustrating user experience. A good site should be easy to navigate, contain good teaching materials such as video and audio quality, use fun but effective lessons and have good feedback from real users.

So how do you find the best online guitar lessons site? Reading through unbiased reviews from ranking sites may hasten the process. However, a great site may suit one person and fail to suit another. As such, in as much as you go through the lists of the best sites, it is important to conduct your own research by considering a few different factors and making a choice that works for you. Below are a few considerations you should make:


The biggest advantage offered by online guitar lessons as compared to the traditional options is cost effectiveness. Different sites have different but reasonable rates. Most of them offer free beginner lessons to allow novices find a favorable course. Confident sites even offer money back guarantees to unsatisfied customers who are often few if any. The best site is one that not only offers favorable prices but also value for money.

Skill level

Your skill level is a very important consideration you should make before subscribing to an online guitar program. Online guitar lessons are designed to suit players with different levels of expertise. For example, lessons for novices focus on the basics such as reading chords and keeping the strings in tune. At the end of a beginner course, a student should be able to play songs with reasonable ease. Advanced courses are designed for more experienced guitarists. Always go for the skill level with which you are most comfortable.

Your favored style of music

The best online guitar lessons sites offer various styles of play from which you can choose. Always choose the course designed for the style you are interested in from the beginning of your training. For example, taking a course designed for teaching heavy metal guitar is useless if your interest lies in country or classic guitar.

Taking a program that does not meet your needs or changing programs midway may stunt your learning progress. Therefore, finding the best online guitar lessons may be strenuous and time-consuming is worth it in the end.

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