Hummingbird Jewelry Gift Ideas

The hummingbird is one of the most unique and fascinating birds that there is due to its ability to move swiftly, change its direction suddenly and smoothly as well as seamlessly glide from one place to another. These spectacular creatures therefore often symbolize adaptability and great resilience while also keeping an optimistic and playful outlook on things.

Hummingbird Jewelry

Gifting someone who embodies these traits with some form of hummingbird jewelry gifts is therefore a great way to constantly remind the wearer of all the greatness they posses. Here we look at some amazing pieces to consider for that perfect gift.

1) 14K Yellow Gold Hummingbird Diamond Pendant

This beautiful yellow gold pendant is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Consisting of 10 white diamonds on the body and the wing of the hummingbird, they compliment the piece exquisitely. Offering just the right amount of sparkle, the stones and gold blend together perfectly, making it a great piece for the wearer. It comes in a beautiful blue presentation box which also adds to the wow factor of this magnificent piece of jewelry.

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2) Sterling Silver Hummingbird Swarovski Elements Pendant Necklace

This sparkly necklace consisting of bluish-purple crystal gems is a lovely piece. The pendant which is embellished with shiny Swaronski gems that displays a hummingbird in flight and the sterling silver chain catch the light perfectly. The pendant also has dimension in the wings and body of the bird so it is not completely flat. Furthermore, it also has a pretty back when flipped over which adds to its uniqueness.

3) 925 Sterling Silver Beautiful Hummingbird Nature Pendant Necklace

Very cute and dainty, this necklace is sure to be loved by the recipient. The sterling silver hummingbird pendant is well detailed and a great size for necklace lovers. Coming with a sturdy 18” snake chain, this necklace is so lightweight, you will barely feel it around your neck. Sleekly packaged in a black velvet pouch, it provides you with the perfect gift presentation. Beautiful and delicate, this piece of jewelry is great for hummingbird lovers.

4) Hummingbird Necklace Best Friend Small Cameo Pendant Antique Brass Jewelry

Perfect for surprising your best friend with, this high quality and unique necklace has an antique brass color. Its pendant shows a hummingbird midflight amongst some flowers which is rather pretty. Coming with 2 chains, 16” and 24”, the wearer can chose just how they want the pendant to hang around their neck. Presented in a deluxe velvet pouch, this necklace will make the perfect gift, cementing you and your best friends friendship.

5) Sterling Silver Flying Hummingbird Charm with Thin Singapore Chain Necklace

Made entirely of sterling silver, this hummingbird necklace is a sure beauty! The chain and pendant sparkle perfectly and it is perfect for everyday wear. The entire piece is about 16” in length and is gorgeously crafted. The pendant is around the size of a dime making it easy to see and guaranteed to bring in multiple compliments.

All these items can be found on Amazon which will give you all the pricing and shipping details.

Hummingbird Feeders – How to Choose the Best Products

The flower nectar and sugar water that hummingbirds find on feeders are the primary sources of the energy they need for both metabolism and flying. For protein supply, hummingbirds get it from eating insects and tiny spiders. Having the right hummingbird feeder parts is vital to their overall health and survival.

Buying the Best Hummingbird Feeders

How do you choose the right hummingbird feeder?

There are many factors that you can look at to find the right feeder. But there are only two determining criteria you can focus on.

First, you need to know that you must only choose a feeder that you can and are willing to clean, and hang properly. Remember, molds and bacteria can easily grow, they could be a source of disease for the hummingbirds if the feeder is always dirty. Don’t leave the hummingbird’ water more than two or three days before changing it. During summer or hot weather, make sure to change the water every day.

Since you will have to clean the feeder regularly, better choose one with parts that are simple to dismantle and put back together.

Second when feeding hummingbirds, you must consider the size of the feeder. The ideal size would be the ones that the hummingbirds in your location can empty out. Take note also that hummers are typically and very territorial in their feeding areas. It means that setting up five small feeders with a feeding port each, hanged on different trees, would attract more hummingbirds. This is compared with setting up one huge feeder that has many ports.

What feeders are recommended?

To give you ideas on the best hummingbird feeders, here’s a list of top three selling products at Amazon:

1) First Nature 3055 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder

This is the #1 best selling feeder in the store. It’s the most favorite feeder because of the ease of cleaning it thoroughly. It’s made up of durable plastic. It has three parts which are easy to remove and put back together. It comes with a large mouth that’s also easy to fill. The feeder has 10 feeding ports with a perch that goes around. Some really like it for not attracting too many bees.

2) Perky-Pet 203CPBN Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar

This one is next on the list and stands out because hummingbirds seem to be very much attracted to this model. It must be the arrangement of the flower design, and the perch where hummers can rest. Unlike the usual feeders, this one has a top plastic cap that can be unscrewed. The glass bottle can stand on its own, and it will be the right time for you to pour the juice. It has a wide mouth that makes pouring of the juice very easy.

3) First Nature 3051 Hummingbird Feeder, 16-Ounce

This is another best-selling product that amazes the hummingbird lovers because it’s very simple to clean. Hummingbirds flock happily with this feeder, having more space for them to stand on the outer ledge. Others are content with its design of a plastic top that has a wide opening, and a tough base that doesn’t drip.

Final Word

Lastly, let me leave you with a very practical tip when changing feeders. When you set-up a new feeder, know that they may not feed immediately. They will have to familiarize themselves first. But once they get used to it and adapt, they will come and visit regularly. It may help that you hang the old feeder together with the new one. Just make sure it’s empty. Enjoy the hummingbirds as they come.



Different Breeds of Rabbits

Not only are rabbits cute, they also make some of the most adorable pets in the world. Most people find it easy to distinguish rabbits however some breeds are not easy to identify. In this article, we will be taking you through different breeds of rabbits that you need to know.

rabbit breeds


Beveran are among the big rabbits breeds that exist today. They are also among the oldest fur rabbits. Beveran rabbits come in various colors like brown, white, black and lilac among others. If you are looking for the rare bevarans, consider the pointed Beveran which features white tipped hairs that look amazing.

American Chinchilla

The American Chinchilla is clearly defined by a somehow slate blue and wavy white fur that often has a distinguishing black surface color. In terms of weight, medium sized chinchilla can weigh anywhere between nine to 12 pounds. Besides, the Chinchilla has noticeable shoulders and upright ears. If you considering having one as your pet be ready to brush it’s coat once a week.

Flemish Giant

The Flemish is distinguished by its short, glossy and densely textured coat which is wither back, white or blue like in color. Like the name suggests, the Flemish is big or giant like, it weighs approximately 14 pounds. One good thing about the Flemish Giant is that it’s very calm and affectionate. You however, ought to be careful as it can reverse back once it’s handled incorrectly. Think of grooming and the Flemish giant will give you an easy task as it has a short fur.

Mini rex

Mini rex come with a velvety plush like Rex Fur texture which is quite good to feel. It also features a short fur that is either black, red, opal, blue among other colors. The mini Rex Rabbits can weighs between 3.5 to 4.5 pounds. They also have a medium length face, small ears and rounded body. Mini Rex Rabbits are suitable as pets because they are friendly and also tolerate to handling. If you are looking for a rabbit pet, the mini rex should be top in our list.


Himalayan rabbits are small and have a narrow flat and long body. Distinguishing features of the Himalayan rabbit breed are its thin upright ears and long head. On average, they weigh 2 to 4 pounds. In terms of fr and texture, the Himalayan Rabbit comes in as a white rabbit with shades of brown, black or blue colors around its nose, tail, ears and legs. It’s quite docile and this makes it a good pet. Its coat is quite easy to clean; a mere slick brush will do a good job.

Lionhead rabbit

These are small fluffy rabbits that reach a maximum of 4 pounds. Their soft fur and petite size makes them to be among the most preferred pocket rabbit pets. Their name is derived from the lionlike mane that covers their heads. Some lionhead rabbits feature a double or single mane. The double mane is rather long and extends around their body. They mostly have a gentle disposition and are very willing to play.

We have to agree that our list is not exhaustive, there are still many different breeds of rabbits that we haven’t mentioned. However, if you want to be in a position to easily identify rabbits, you ought to pay attention to their eye color, color of coat and ears as well. For the ears, most are either erect or drooping.